Oil and Mixed Media Portfolio
The Journey
How Allison Albright Art came to be
I attended The Collegiate School, a wonderfully creative and inclusive K-12 liberal arts school in Richmond, VA where I began my life-long love affair with art as a way for me to make sense of the world around me. Through it I was able to chaotically beautify my surroundings and express a sense of connectedness to my setting and space.
I continued my art education at the University of Richmond where I had the privilege to experiment with every facet of art imaginable. It was not until I was faced with personal trauma that I found the incredibly transformative and therapeutic power art has. I was entrusted by my professors to stray from the curriculum and rebuild my inner-self through expressive and deliberate canvas work. It was here that I began using the technique that has followed me into my current sunshiny days. I was in a place of such strong desire to connect to my emotions and self that the brush seemed to limit the aggressions and emotions I wanted to display. I began painting directly with my palate knife. With the knife I felt such a beautifully harsh connection to my work. With each hit at the canvas, another layer was re-built within myself.
Flash-forward a few years, and I am happily married and creating pieces that reflect the positive movement in my life.  My wonderful family, friends, and wife have all pushed me to create and instilled in me the courage to put my work out for the world to see. I now work out of my home studio continuously painting and working on commission pieces of all sizes. I hope to continue to create and expand my client base through word of mouth and viewership of my work. 
If you are interested in my work, please contact me. The majority of my work is done on a commission basis; clients request pieces based on size and subject and may provide images for me to work from if desired. I also have a constantly rotating stock that I create in my personal time and will keep current on this website.
Thank you for visiting. 
Allison Albright